The SWRFA Conference held annually at the Holiday Inn-Midtown in Austin, TX. Registration includes 2 lunches, 2 dinners and Sunday brunch. Keep coming back to check on updates, OR sign up for the Listserve mentioned below to be notified as changes are posted.

When you pick up your registration information, if you are a songwriter, you will be encouraged to draw a ‘song assignment’. Then you would write a song based on that prompt during the weekend. Everyone that finishes a song shares it on Sunday morning during Brunch. It is one of my favorite things I do all year!

You can also sign up for mentoring sessions in this area. You can buy $1 raffle tickets to take home Folk Alliance registrations to the many other Regional and the International Conferences, instruments, music business services and many more choices. If you would like to contribute an item let me know at alliance@kerrville-music.com

Our Exhibit Area is open and free for all registrants to display. It is also right by the Registration are and the panel/seminar break out rooms.

Please encourage your friends, family and fans to attend the Official Showcases on Friday and Saturday nights in the hotel ballroom from 7:30- 10PM. The cost for each night to hear 8 artists is just $15.

All registered artists may participate in the Wednesday Night early event at Threadgill’s North in Austin. Name in the jar, do one song, meet lots of folks that will be at the Conference, eat drink and have a great time. Thursday is Open mic and there is a buffet dinner provided by Berkalin Records. Because we have grown beyond every artist getting to take advantage of every opportunity (good to grow but comes with compromises always), if you have an Official Showcase please do not put your name to be drawn for the Open Mics. Of course do In-Room Showcases, but in reality no one needs more than 3 total.

In-Room Showcase pitching happens on the SWRFA Listserve. Please sign up for the list. We do not send out emails all year long only a month or so ahead of the Conference and a week or so after. Then it is dormant. It is also the way Conference updates and information from your team is sent out. Use the heading Contact Us on this website to find the link.

You can run an ad in the Program Book. Click Advertising heading for specs and contact.

There is more but this is a good overview for starters.
Can’t wait to meet you or see you again. We have so much Fun!

SWRFA Team Leader


2017 Slate for Board of Directors Election

The SWRFA Board of Directors, acting as the nominations committee, announces their slate of candidates for the 2017 election for the SWRFA Board of Directors.

There are three [3] open seats for this election. The top three [3] candidates in the vote count will serve a three [3] year term.

If you are a current SWRFA member, you have the right, per our bylaws, to make a nomination or self-nominate to be on the ballot for the upcoming election. If you are interested, please complete the nomination process by completing this online form by August 24th, 2017.

Form for Nomination from Membership

If no nominations are made by the membership by the deadline (8/24/17) the slate of candidates presented by the SWRFA Board of Directors will be deemed elected and the election closed, per the bylaws.

If the membership does make additional nominations, ballots will be distributed by email from electionbuddy.com on August, 31st, 2017 to all voting members of SWRFA. Only votes cast by 11:59 pm, September 25th, 2017 will be counted. Results of the election will be announced during the annual SWRFA membership meeting at the SWRFA Conference.

The SWRFA Board of Directors’ Slate of Candidates

Cheryl Duckett
Candidate Bio
Cheryl Duckett has been an active Folk Alliance International/SWRFA member since 2002 and has participated by presenting, volunteering, coordinating hospital outreaches, representing artists, and acting as transportation coordinator. She has participated on a house concerts panel as well as presenting an IBBA showcase with fellow booking agents. Cheryl has been an active music enabler for 20 years, as the co-founder of ‘Flowers in the Desert Concert Series’, as co-author of “Producing Houseconcerts”, and offers many perspectives of the music industry having worked as a booking agent/personal assistant for several artists (2007-2011). Contact Cheryl at cduckettbooking@yahoo.com
Ballot Statement
I want to serve on the SWRFA board to help develop various outreach opportunities, both at our conference and in our communities, and to find more ways in which to support our members. I want to help plan more ‘one day events’ and explore ways to grow our membership.


Ellen Boling
Candidate Bio
Ellen has visited all 50 states & Europe touring with her husband, the Folk balladeer C. DANIEL BOLING. While Daniel has performed official showcases in every Folk Alliance region, & they have twice attended FAI together, Ellen has gained a working knowledge of the mission & scope of Folk Alliance. She also helped organize & produce a SWRFA one-day event in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as hosting 48 house concerts over the past 15+years. She has an ongoing interest in supporting folk music & folk musicians in her role as “Music Enabler”.
Ballot Statement
SWRFA was the very first Folk Alliance event I ever attended. Now that I have attended FAI, & every regional conference, & volunteered & hosted in-room showcases, I still think SWRFA is one of the friendliest & best! I’d like to think I might help it to stay this way.


Steve Ray
Candidate Bio
Steve Ray is the Program Specialist in the Texas Music Office where he administers the Texas Music Office Grant program, the internship program, and day-to-day operations. Additionally, Steve heads up the TMO’s music history program, including developing a Texas Music Trail that promotes music history tourism. Ray began his career in the music business in junior high school stocking 8-Tracks in his cousin’s record store. He spent several years working in record stores in the DFW area. At Carpe Diem Records, he worked in sales and merchandising for Dallas favorites Course of Empire and Pop Poppins.
Ballot Statement
As a staff member of the Texas Music Office since 2001, I believe I have the experience to help our community explore music resources across the state, foster connectivity among musicians and music businesses, and work to preserve the traditions of SWRFA while growing a dynamic more diverse membership.


Thank you!
The SWRFA Board of Directors